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Important Notice!!

As of May 4th 2024, our cafe will be temporarily, partially closed until further notice. We will continue to sell the items in our boutique as well as premade grab-n-go food and drinks. Food and drinks made-to-order will not be available until further notice.

We will also have new operating hours of 9:30am - 5:30pm Monday-Sunday.

We look forward to continuing to serve our community and hope to open up a new and improved cafe soon!


Welcome to Cafe at Nourishing Journey!

Our cafe focuses on quick and healthy organic foods and drinks.  We have a variety of menu items that cater to ketogenic, vegan, gluten free and paleo needs.  At Nourishing Journey, we believe that the body works best when you feed it with high quality food.  Choosing organic, natural, free range and grass-fed ingredients over conventional ingredients may provide many benefits, including:

  • Foods that are genetically modified, grown with pesticides and herbicides, or have artificial colors, flavors and preservatives are not ideal for the body. Solid research links many of these chemicals to health and behavior issues. These chemicals may create an unnecessary burden to the body and we want the best for you.

  • Humanely raised animals are fed a natural diet that they thrive on, keeping them healthy and happy. 

  • Organic foods generally have more nutrition than their conventional counterparts and they tend to have more flavor and taste better. You deserve as much nutrition as possible to fuel your awesome life!

Want a great cup of coffee? We offer Bulletproof® Coffee! Ingesting mold toxins can contribute to chronic health issues. Bulletproof® Upgraded Coffee Beans are meticulously grown at high altitude on passive organic estates in Guatemala without using chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides.  Each bean is hand-picked by experienced coffee harvesters who only pick perfectly ripe berries.  Then the proprietary Bulletproof® process is used to create a special class of green coffee bean with minimized levels of harmful molds, bacteria, and toxins. The beans are roasted in small batches in the United States under the strictest conditions, minimizing the formation of toxins from the roasting process. The final roast then undergoes proprietary lab testing to verify that the coffee meets the Bulletproof® quality and purity standards.  The end result is a perfect cup of coffee full of antioxidants!

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